Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

All international students will be entitled to a free pick up and drop off from any London airport

If you would like to arrange for this service you will need to select this option when filling out the booking form. Our student administrator will then contact you regarding details of your flight and times in order for your transfer to be arranged.

Yes, once you have completed a two-week intensive tattoo/health and safety course. We will assess your skills after the two weeks to see if you are at the required standard acceptable by the Academy. If not, we will provide further tuition to reach a professional standard of tattooing free of charge. The Theory Test has to be taken at the end of the ten-day course. You will need to pass this to receive your certificate.

Click here to see if the Diploma/Certificate is valid in your country.

Yes of course! For drinks, some fresh air, cigarette etc.

Class starts at 10 am, lunch at 1pm for one hour and class finishes at 5.00 pm.

You can open your own tattoo studio. You will need to abide by UK tattooing laws and regulations and contact your local borough council who will then advise and guide you. We have helped most of our students to open their own tattoo studio after the course. We can help to design the studio layout, order the appropriate equipment and stock list e.g. inks, needles, chairs and furnishings. Even pop down on the big day to support them.

We help to design the studio layout, order the appropriate equipment and stock list e.g. inks, needles, chairs and furnishings. As well as any further assistance that you require from us.

No, we have all of the equipment available to use throughout the duration of the course.

Yes, we are always available to assist you with providing any information / guidance you may require.

Yes, we have taken on a number of apprentices after completing our ten day course at one of our licensed tattoo studios.

The only other cost is the hotel accommodation that is priced from only £34 per night.

Between £40 – £180 per hour.

You need to complete our online booking form and pay £300 deposit, using your debit or credit card.

Weekends are optional, you can come and join us in one of our tattoo studios to gain more experience and learn tips of the trade.

Black and grey work – Custom work – Ultimate colour work – Portrait work – Setting out tattoos I.e. positioning on skin – How to stretch the skin to tattoo – New style dot work – Developing ideas in to tattoo style – Strip down tattoo guns and rebuild them – How to use autoclave – Tattoo soaps – Tracing on to carbon – Style of guns – Style of chairs – After care – Contamination – Pain barrier. Throughout the duration of the course, students will also learn about health & safety, hygiene, regulations, legislation and law.

9:45am and class ends at 5:00pm

Payment is due in full via bank transfer 3 days before course date

122 North Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 1DL

If you wish to take one of our courses, you firstly need to select the course and pay £99 pound deposit via the Booking Form. The final payment is collected 3 days before the actual course begins.

All deposits are non refundable, if full fee’s have been paid this is also non refundable without 28 days notice.